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The EU RO MR Group is made up of 12 Classification Societies with EU Recognised Organisation (EU RO) status, working together to implement Article 10.1 of Regulation (EC) No. 391/2009.

In light of this, the EU RO MR Group can now offer mutual recognition for selected products certified under Type Approval Alone as described in the EU RO Framework Document.

How to Apply for EU RO Mutual Recognition Type Approval Certificates

- EU RO Mutual Recognition (MR) Type Approval Certification is a voluntary certification; 

- Manufacturers may apply irrespective of where they are located;

- Application for EU RO MR type approval is to be made to one of the EU ROs at the choice of the manufacturer. There is no need to apply with the same request for EU RO MR Type Approval Certification to any of the other EU ROs;

- If a product is not already covered by the existing Technical Requirements the manufacturer or a manufacturer's organization can request the EU RO MR Group to consider the suitability for MR TR development for such a product. Such a request should be addressed to the Secretariat ([email protected]). For more information about the Technical Requirements development process please see TR Development.

- Details about terms and conditions and procedural requirements are given in the EU RO Framework Document;

- The agreed Technical Requirements for eligible products may be found under the Technical Requirements tab.

Latest News


New and revised Technical Requirements published

In November 2019 one new and one updated Technical Requirement has been published.

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Industry Consultation Phase TR Insulation and Monitoring Devices (IMD)

Industry Consultation Phase for development of TR Insulation and Monitoring Devices (IMD)
15 October to 15 November 2019

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New Versions of Technical Requirements now available

Following Change Requests, 5 TRs have been updated and can now be found on the Website.

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