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The EU RO MR Group is made up of 12 Classification Societies with EU Recognised Organisation (EU RO) status, working together to implement Article 10.1 of Regulation (EC) No. 391/2009 which reads:

“Recognised organisations shall consult with each other periodically with a view to maintaining equivalence and aiming for harmonisation of their rules and procedures and

the implementation thereof. They shall cooperate with each other with a view to achieving consistent interpretation of the international conventions, without prejudice to the powers of the flag States. Recognised organisations shall, in appropriate

cases, agree on the technical and procedural conditions under which they will mutually recognise the class certificates for materials, equipment and components based on equivalent standards, taking the most demanding and rigorous standards as the reference.

Where mutual recognition cannot be agreed upon for serious safety reasons, recognised organisations shall clearly state the reasons therefor...”

Further clarification has been made by the Commission regarding the international acceptance issuing the IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 1355/2014 stating in Recital 25 that:

“The scheme for the mutual recognition of class certificates for materials, equipment and components laid down by Article 10(1) of Regulation (EC) No 391/2009 is only enforceable within the Union in respect of ships flying the flag of a Member State. As far as foreign vessels are concerned, the acceptance of relevant certificates remains at the discretion of relevant non-EU flag States in the exercise of their exclusive jurisdiction, notably under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).”

In light of this, the EU RO MR Group can now offer mutual recognition for selected products certified under Type Approval Alone as described in the EU RO Framework Document.

How to Apply for EU RO Mutual Recognition Type Approval Certificates

- EU RO Mutual Recognition (MR) Type Approval Certification is a voluntary certification; 

- Manufacturers may apply irrespective of where they are located;

- Application for EU RO MR type approval is to be made to one of the EU ROs at the choice of the manufacturer. There is no need to apply with the same request for EU RO MR Type Approval Certification to any of the other EU ROs;

- If a product is not already covered by the existing Technical Requirements the manufacturer or a manufacturer's organization can request the EU RO MR Group to consider the suitability for MR TR development for such a product. Such a request should be addressed to the Secretariat ([email protected]). For more information about the Technical Requirements development process please see TR Development.

- Details about terms and conditions and procedural requirements are given in the EU RO Framework Document;

- The agreed Technical Requirements for eligible products may be found under the Technical Requirements tab.

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Tier 9 Technical Requirements published on 01 January 2022.

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Indian Register of Shipping is leading the EU RO MR Group in 2022

Devrup Kabi (IRS) is taking over from Croatian Register of Shipping Dalibor Mimica

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